Standard Safety products allows you to securely light up humid and confined spaces and spaces with conductive walls. Safety lamps require a low voltage network or transformer to function (24-42VAC or VDC).

Megalight LED 360° Standard worksite lighting appliances represent brilliant lighting performance, safety and economy. Their lightweight and compact structure is designed to withstand particularly high mechanical stress. The 16 A socket can be used as outlet for chaining several lamps into a lighting system. For Standard models there is also available a 600N magnet, which is attached to the bottom of the lamp. The magnet enables to fasten the lamps temporarily on different metal surfaces.

The PC-tube is protected by a replaceable dust and painting protector, in order to keep the optical parts of the lamp clean.

The compact 14W model is most suitable for confined spaces as for water tank cleaning. The more effective 24W models are most convenient for larger spaces.

LED 360° STANDARD SAFETY can be equipped with the following alternative sockets:

A) CEE309 24VAC

A) CEE309 42VAC

B) SELV 24 or 42 VAC

LED 360° STANDARD SAFETY 24-42 V Technical details:

POWER VOLTAGE AC or DC LUMEN CCT (K) L (mm) Ø (mm) Cable Weight (kg)
14W 24 or 42 V 1800 lm 5000 430 60/110 10m H07RN-F 2
24W 24 or 42 V 3600 lm 5000 650 60/110 10m H07RN-F 2,2


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