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LED Work Light Solutions by Megalight

Megalight lighting units are well known for their superior quality, durability, and safety. They can be used even in the harshest of work environments, both indoors as well as outdoors. The structure of the appliances is very durable and impact resistant, and all components are available as spare parts. This makes it a profitable investment in the long term. Our 14W and 24W LED 360° modules were designed to substitute the traditional 2G11 fluorescent light bulbs. The 2G11 LED modules on the provide only a 180° light beam angle, but the LED 360° module provides the all round 360° light beam.

The products are lightweight and easy to move around, and even fit into tight spaces due to the tubular shape. Megalight’s LED work light units are perfect for any demanding worksite, providing reliable illumination and easy maneuverability.

Professional users appreciate the fact that the integrated 16 A socket can be used as an outlet for electrical devices, or for chaining several lamps into a lighting system, thus reducing the amount of cables on the worksite. Usability features also include a high-quality 10-meter cable, many attachment options, and a protective film against paint or dirt that can be easily exchanged.

We can set up a lighting system that fits perfectly to your needs, and our experts will help you find suitable products and lighting solutions. We can also offer tailored solutions even to smaller worksites. When it comes to finding the best LED work light for your specific needs, Megalight Systems will be happy to help.

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LED360° Lights: The Ultimate LED Work Light

Our new LED360° lighting units are even more durable, energy-efficient, and have a longer lifetime – up to 50,000 hours of use. Solid, flicker-free light provides excellent working conditions. 14 W and 24 W options provide luminosity of 1800 and 3600 lm respectively. Impact resistance in our new lights is of the highest standard (IK10), which means fewer breakdowns and interruptions to work. All components are available as spare parts, so service and repair even on-site is possible. Lightweight units are easy to move to where you are currently working, and they also fit into tight places.

Safety Low Voltage -Range: The Safe LED Work Light Choice

The SAFETY low voltage -model range is designed for humid and confined spaces and for spaces with conductive walls, where using a 230 VAC operating voltage could be extremely hazardous. The SAFETY low voltage products are used, for example, for maintenance purposes in offshore- and process industry. SAFETY models with less than 50 VAC voltages are available for all Megalight lamps. The product range also includes separated extra low voltage transformers, ensuring your LED work light setup is as safe as possible. More information about SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage).

Supplies and Accessories for Your LED Work Light

Based on customer feedback, we have developed different attachment options, which we also tailor to our clients’ needs. A 600 N magnet is available for the Standard and PIPE models, which enables easily attaching the lighting unit to a metallic wall element and to move easily from one worksite to another, for instance, as the welding progresses.

The products are extremely serviceable, enabling an extended lifetime. You will find all components of our lights in our spare part catalog, making maintenance of your LED work light straightforward and cost-effective.

Contact us and let us know what you need – Megalight Systems will be happy to help you find the perfect LED work light for your demanding worksite needs.