LED Handy is a durable hand torch intended for professional use. It can be equipped with 5, 7 or 10 m power cord. The structure of LED Handy is very durable and designed to tolerate brake fluids and some solvents. The LED Handy produces bright and non-blinding light, because the LEDs are covered with an opal colour diffusor. 

Because of it’s lightweight and compact structure, the hand torch is most suitable for garages and as an inspection light for maintenance purposes.

The nominal power of Handy’s LED lightbulb is 8 W, which produces 900 lumens. Spare parts are available also for LED Handy lamps.

LED HANDY 230VAC/115VAC technical details:

POWER VOLTAGE LUMEN CCT (K) L (mm) Ø (mm) CABLE Weight (kg)
8W 230VAC or 115VAC 800 lm 5000 360 40 VSKBA 2x1mm2 0,7


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