MEGALIGHT SAFETY isolated low voltage transformers are used as power supplies for the Megalight SAFETY -range lamps. They are robust but cleverly designed so they are easily moved. As default we equip the transformers with a double SELV outlet, so you can power up two lamps directly from the transformer. Most of the SAFETY -range lamps have also a socket on them for chaining, so one transformer can give power to several lamps.

We have stock models for 24VAC and 42VAC, with SELV outputs. Other voltages and output sockets are also available on request.

MEGALIGHT SAFETY Transformers can be equipped with the following alternative sockets:

A) CEE309 24VAC

A) CEE309 42VAC

B) SELV 24 or 42 VAC

MEGALIGHT SAFETY Transformers Technical details:

MODEL SUPPLY VOLTAGE SECONDARY VOLTAGE POWER (VA) CAPACITY (24W lamps) Dimensions (l * w * h) mm Weight kg
KLMH100 230 VAC 24 VAC 100 VA 3 pcs 255 * 134 * 87 mm 2 kg
KLMH200 230 VAC 24 VAC 200 VA 6 pcs 255 * 134 * 87 mm 3,8 kg
KLM350 230 VAC 42 VAC 350 VA 15 pcs 255 * 134 * 87 mm 4,5 kg

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