Versatile worksite lighting systems for professionals

Megalight worklights are suitable to use by professionals in various branches of industry. Our typical customers are professional users working in demanding circumstances, who need safe and durable worksite lighting.

Megalight worksite lights are used by:

  •  Shipbuilding industry
  •  Aviation industry
  •  Offshore industry
  •  Process industry
  •  Engineering industry
  •  Rescue and fire units
  •  Energy industry
  •  Construction and sanitation industry

Over the period of more than 30 years we have supplied over 100,000 pcs of our worksite lighting units to domestic customers, as well as to customers in other Nordic countries and Germany. A significant part of the products are still in use, showcasing their extreme durability.

The shipyards and the subcontractors for the shipbuilding industry are the main users of Megalight- worksite lighting systems

The main users of our products are the shipyards and their subcontractors. Megalight worklights are designed to withstand the extreme working conditions at the shipyards. The lamps are based on LED technology, and thus are extremely energy efficient. When construction time lighting of a large cruise ship requires in average 5000 lamps, the savings in the energy costs achieved by using Megalight LED lighting can be very significant.

In addition to the 230 VAC system the shipyards also use lighting units of the 42 VAC protected voltage system, in areas with humidity or conductive walls.

Our shipyard clients include:

  • Meyer Turku, Finland
  • Chantiers de l’Atlantique
  • BLRT Group
  • SRC Group

For more information about our references, please contact Megalight Systems Ltd.



"Megalight worksite lighting is an excellent choice for apartment building pipe renovation projects. The durable lights will not break during the project, and thanks to the integrated socket, there is no need to bring additional cabling to the apartments."

Chantiers de l'Atlantique, France

"We have chosen Megalight Systems as our worksite illumination provider since 2007, because the products have been specifically designed for shipyards. During our collaboration we have noticed that Megalight Systems listens carefully, and develops their products based on our needs"

Meyer Turku

"The Meyer shipyard in Turku has been Megalight Systems' client for 20 years, and even today we have more than 1000 of their lighting units in use. The luminosity and 360 degree illumination provided by the lights is excellent. The structure of the lamps has proven to be very durable, and the intergrated socket allows chaining the lights."